Herbal Thanksgiving

Chef Michael Schwartz of the Capital City Club educated Old Alabama
Herb Society members about using herbs to make wonderful Thanksgiving dishes including Sage Roasted Turkey, cranberry sauce with orange, thyme and pomegranate and rosemary garlic fingerling potatoes. A good time was had by all.

Here is the recipe for that delicious turkey:

Chef Michael from the Capital City Club Thanksgiving Turkey.
The Turkey:
Make sure the turkey is completely thawed. The chef baked two 14 pound turkeys. One was a Butterball the other was a cheaper bird. It was hard to tell the difference when cooked.
Preheat oven to 325 degrees
Remove neck and giblets from inside the bird.
Stuff turkey with cut up carrots, celery and onion that have been tossed with sage and savory.
Rub outside of the bird with olive oil, sage, salt and pepper. Put bird in open roasting pan.
Place bird in over, cook at 325 for one hour.
Then lower temp to 225 and cook bird until internal temp reaches 165.
Take bird from oven and let it rest for at least an hour. If the bird was larger than 14 pounds letting it rest is also longer…about 30 minutes for every 5 pounds more. He suggested if you want to warm it one could use microwave for a short session. Or use the gravy to heat the turkey meat.
Carving the turkey:
As the Chef said this might be better done in the kitchen, but could be done at the table if required.
Cut along the top of the bird and come down the front where the wishbone is making an upside down Y. Then work the knife along the top to separate the entire breast from the carcass. You can then remove the drumsticks and the dark meat pulling the bones out of the thighs. Slice the breasts with breasts laid flat on carving board.
The Chef’s gravy:
Use the drippings from the turkey’s roasting pan. In a medium sized pot, put the drippings and add some water. Add the carrots and celery that was stuffed in the bird. He then made a roux using some butter and cornstarch in a sauce pan to mix until smooth and added it to the pot. He stirred everything and let it cook, stirring it until it thickened. He removed the carrots and the celery and the gravy was done.